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femmeusesaction #19, final/ment/seule is the prologue of a postface, personal and therefore political, full and sharp, feminist and sexual, precise and documented but sometimes vague and insincere. A phony lesbian who sleeps with men, Cécile Proust fires on all cylinders here, alone but very much surrounded, particularly by Jacques Hœpffner for the video and sound media. 

Somewhere between self-portrait and pamphlet, this intimate manifest also speaks for other voices. It is smooth and silky, yet at times rough and raging when its attention is turned to violence committed towards women and rights that have yet to be recognised. It is impatient and incomplete, truly incomplete, while questioning the scope of expectation and the special conditions of such a project. It is unique, and therefore universal. 

In short, an impossible thing.


For this solo, Cécile Proust showcases recollections of the Femmeuses Projectfrom its origins. It is a way of deconstructing the role and the concept of the author, as well as a means of recognising, as Yvonne Rainer puts it so well, “whether or not she knows that the content of her thoughts is entirely made up of what she has read, heard, said and dreamed. Whether or not she knows that it is nothing special, original or creative, and that the expression cogito ergo sum is, at the very least, inadequate.”

Updating: July 2014

Proust, Cécile

Cécile Proust is a choreographer-artist, pedagogue and director of the Femmeuses programme.

She trained in classical and contemporary fields. At the same time as pursuing her dancing career with contemporary choreographers, including Josette Baïz, Odile Duboc, Alain Buffard, Dominique Brun, Daniel Larrieu, Thierry Thieu Niang, Bob Wilson, the Albrecht Knust Quartet, she chose to travel to discover and to practice dances like flamenco in Spain, kathak in Northern India, oriental dance in Egypt and Jiuta Mai (traditional Geisha dance) in Kyoto. Cécile Proust combines these traditional dances, some of which are practiced exclusively by women, with Western contemporary dances, anthropological and social notions as well as critical supports, so that figures created by bodies and dances, the illusions of genders and sexed roles may be questioned.

Since 1991, Cécile Proust has choreographed a myriad of works related to these questions, which are performed in France and around the world. She works with theatres, operas, the cinema, as well as the contemporary art and musical spheres.

In 2004, Cécile Proust decided to create Femmeuses. This artistic and anthropological project questions the role of women in the world and in art. 27 Femmeuses actions were developed in a variety of forms: shows, conferences, performances, videos, documentary choreographies, interviews, installations, entertainment programmes, exhibition curatorship, educational programmes.

In 2005, Cécile Proust won the Hors les murs (Outside the Walls) programme award to pursue an artist in residence programme in the United States.

Cécile Proust graduated from SciencesPo, Paris with a Masters Degree in Art and Politics from the Bruno Latour-initiated SPEAP programme (multidisciplinary programme for scientific, artistic and pedagogical experimentation).

Centre national de la danse, Réalisation



Artistic direction / Conception : Cécile PROUST

Video conception : Jacques HŒPFFNER

Sound : Jacques HŒPFFNER

Other collaborations : Assistante vidéo et réalisation de la maquette Anne-Cécile LEMOAL

Duration : Selon l'appétit des spectateurs

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