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Legendary - Teaser

A creation with 35 students from the APF/IEM La Marrière (French Association for the Paralysed and Institute for Motor Skills Development) and the Port Boyer School in Nantes. The story of the Wizard of Oz is a fabulous pretext to interpret through dance and the bodies of young children the variety of physical materials. The scarecrows are wobbly on their legs, the robots are stiffness incarnate, the winged monkeys work on space. With the witches we initiate the gesture of fear, of power, melting and decay, while the fairies propose floating, restraint of gesture, magic, thickness as well as the tornado, spirals, falls and rebounds. The Munchkins hop around like champagne bubbles. Each of the colourful inhabitants can have a special identity and move around in their mode of civilisation. The wizard also has a special material to find with the children. The choreography written is the one that the children have imagined.

Brumachon, Claude

Claude Brumachon was born in 1959, in Rouen. After attending Fine Arts where drawing directed him down the path of bodies, he took up dance at the age of seventeen with « les Ballets de la Cité » led by Catherine Atlani, he stayed there for two years.

In 1981, Claude Brumachon met Benjamin Lamarche in Paris, they immediately started a collaborative and original research. Together, they explored that new world opening up through the dancing body.

Claude Brumachon between 1980 and 1983, as for him, worked with Christine Gérard (La Pierre Fugitive), Karine Saporta and Brigitte Farges.

As they belonged to no school in particular and as they rejected none, Claude and Benjamin sealed their agreement with a first duet : Niverolles Duo du col in 1982.

With their first group, the « Rixes » company in 1984, they invented a stylized, vehement and passionate choreographic writing: a sharp and brisk gesture, a tormented tenderness. They surrounded themselves with dancers, a composer, a makeup artist and a costume designer: Founding a troupe and leading it to creation.

In four years’ time, the choreographer created ten plays with two major ones (1988): Texane (award-winning at the Bagnolet contest) and Le Piédestal des vierges which set their style to a recognizable gesture. It quickly followed on sequences of cleat-cut and sharp movements cutting the body and the space.

The choreographer carved out a reputation. In 1989, Folie came to the fore and was a great success again. That success has been repeated 7 years later in 1996, with Icare (presented at the 50th Festival d’Avignon), a solo written for Benjamin Lamarche.

Sometimes groping, sometimes rushing headlong, Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche imagine and create new worlds. There‘s never any doubt between them, doubts are about dancing, about the ways of dancing, about the continuing questioning of this moving body the mind is obsessed with.

The teaching of their dance is made through training, lessons are made as much to pass on this brand new knowledge as to refine it. Moments to unite the group under a common body language. To understand is also to make understand.

As an expression of desire – passionate – and of an overflowing sensuality to a certain point that it was sometimes described as violent, their plays are tales of the inexpressible, they are mirrors of raging inner worlds, pushed beyond their own rules. Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche have become researchers in poetic and powerful movements. They’ve been creating a dance alternately full of energy and tormented, lyric and passionate, now high-spirited and romantic and now down to earth and meaningful.

Out of Molière’s wanderings, they made with Histoire d’Argan le Visionnaire (2007) a bright and facetious show as a tribute to the artist. Out of the consumer society, they made a Festin (2004), carnal and sensual where proximity bursts out at the face of the audience. With Phobos (2007), they ventured into irrational, universal or shallow fears.

Claude and Benjamin create from the body for the body and with the body.

Their dances are as much stories of different groups that share a space to live in as they are stories of loneliness facing the world. They all are a research around an irrational gesture that calls for the precise one, necessary and full of meaning.

A gesture, heavy with an unspeakable story that changes into the very moment and, in a sometimes bitter statement, offers a view of man in his complexity.

Claude Brumachon signed more than eighty original choreographies with his own dancers, dancers from other French or foreign ballets, with schools and with children as well.

They directed the National Choreographic Centre of Nantes to the creation in 1992 to 2015. Since January 1, 2016 they continue their choreographic road with their new company SOUS LA PEAU.

Source : Brumachon-Lamarche

More information :

Bruno, Ométak

Director of  fiction and reports, Bruno Ométak was awarded for his works at  the Cannes International Film Festival "Entre deux marches" (Migrants,  production award), at the Festival of Young Filmmakers of the Pays de la  Loire (The chair, 1st prize ) and the Training Film Festival at Formathèque-Paris (Rabbit Rabbit, 1st prize). With The Last of the Giants he won first prize at the Berlin Short Film Festival and 2nd prize at the Vigo Film Festival.


Choreography : Claude Brumachon

Choreography assistance : Benjamin Lamarche

Interpretation : Steven Chotard, Lise Fassier, Elisabetta Gareri, Julien Grosvalet, Benjamin Lamarche, Martin Mauriès et Valérie Soulard. Elèves de CE2/CM1 de l'école Port Boyer de Nantes Djoan Bengalis, Erwan Berger, Kilien Brétécher, Louann Buon-Bouet, Arist&e Carton, Edaly Diaby, Kenza Enajafi-Allah, Djani Epinette, Sarah Es-Saouid, Yvan Goillandeau, Nina Jouchet, Alexandre Le Bihan, Mévin Leray, Leïlou Milcent, Dionys Obretin, Laura Pierre-Hourvouet, Denilson Ramalho, Axel Roux, Mame Sacko, Ewen Savary, Miguel Souvandy, Hélenna Testu-Tixione, Marlon Vissault, Laurenzo Zambo. Elèves de la classe 2 de l'APF/IEM La Marrière de Nantes Jordan Brohan, Kilian De Meyer, Victoria Guérin, Alexis Herbert, Léandre Lambert, Abel Legros, Mao Metayer, Darell Nassur, Héléna Proust, Mohamed Remache, Paul Tessier

Additionnal music : Mica Levi, Alt J, Rekid

Lights : Denis Rion

Sound : Claude Brumachon

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes, avec les soutiens de La Fondation de France, du Crédit Mutuel Enseignants, d'Intermaché de l'Eraudière, d'Harmonie Médical Service, de l'APF/IEM La Marrière, de l'Amicale Laïque de Port Boyer, de la MAE, de l'Office Centrale de Coopération à l'Ecole, les Valeurs Ajoutées au Déplacement et l'Association des Paralysés de France

Duration : 50'

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