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Lyon, terre de danse 2016 - Director : Pecci, Jean-Louis

Choreographer(s) : Merzouki, Mourad (France)

Lyon, terre de danse 2016 - Director : Pecci, Jean-Louis

Choreographer(s) : Merzouki, Mourad (France)

Lyon, terre de danse

A melting pot of French contemporary dance, in an eclectic spirit, Lyon has seen the birth of an impressive number of choreographers and personalities who have contributed to its national development. Lyon also unites a unique ensemble of dance structures and events in France: La Maison de la Danse, the Lyon Opera Ballet, La Biennale de la danse and its parade, which brings together amateurs from all over the world. the Lyon agglomeration and professional choreographers.
Mourad Merzouki, from the suburbs of Lyon, has succeeded in transposing hip-hop from the street to the stage. This major choreographer has among others created in 1998 Recital, show flagship of the hip-hop scene.

Source: Corps rebelles

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Merzouki, Mourad

Born in Lyon in 1973, Mourad Merzouki began practicing martial arts and circus arts as early as a seven-year-old. At the age of fifteen, he encountered hip-hop culture for the first time and through it, he discovered dance.

He quickly decided to develop this form of street art while also experimenting with other choreographic styles, particularly with Maryse Delente, Jean-François Duroure and Josef Nadj.

The wealth of his experiences fed his desire to direct artistic projects, blending hiphop with other disciplines. In 1989 he, along with a group of dancers, created his first company ‘Accrorap'.

In 1994 the company performed Athina during Lyon's Biennial Dance Festival; it was a triumph that brought street dance to the stage.Merzouki's travels have led him into unchartered territory, where dance can be a powerful means of communication.

In order to develop his own artistic style and sensitivity, Merzouki established his own company, Käfig, in 1996.

In January 2006, Compagnie Käfig began a period of residence at Espace Albert Camus in Bron. The theatre became the venue of the Karavel Festival, created in 2007 under the leadership of Mourad Merzouki. The festival invites some 10 different hip-hop companies and other initiatives to the city.

In parallel, Mourad Merzouki spearheaded the inception of a new center for choreographic creation and development: Pôle Pik opened its doors in Bron in 2009.

In June 2009, Mourad Merzouki was appointed director of the Centre chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne. He continues to develop his projects there, with an accent on openness to the world.

In 18 years, the choreographer has created 22 shows and his company gives on average 150 performances per year around the world.

Source : CCN Créteil et Val-de-Marne’s website

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Pecci, Jean-Louis

Jean-Louis Pecci is a canadian director.

Exposition Corps Rebelles

The exhibition Corps rebelles invited the public to discover contemporary dance. She presented the different approaches of the dancing body, illustrated by emblematic choreographies.

The question of interpretation was also at the heart of the exhibition with eight versions of The Rite of Spring created by eight great choreographers. The exhibition continued by treating notation as a tool for memorizing and transmitting a gesture.

Source: Corps rebelles

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