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The seasons

Maison de la Danse de Lyon 2016 - Director : Plasson, Fabien

Choreographer(s) : Lock, Édouard (Canada)

Video producer : Maison de la Danse

The seasons

Maison de la Danse de Lyon 2016 - Director : Plasson, Fabien

Choreographer(s) : Lock, Édouard (Canada)

Video producer : Maison de la Danse

The seasons

The images created by Édouard Lock in The Seasons revitalize - become alive again - the sense memory of dance. In the scene you can observe several layers, which interact or interfere with each other - dance, music, scenery and light - which will be reorganized from the perception of the viewer. Each element that presents interferes and creates new relationships, both for the audience, as to who is on the scene. Each gesture has its counterpart in a movement of light that cuts the space as a live edition of what you see. At the same time, it creates options for the viewer while focusing on different elements of the scene. The choreographer uses the current vocabulary of dance in a number of large energy and extreme intensity. The sign wavers between vigorous movements - sometimes fluid, sometimes angular - and very gently. Slowness and speed permeate intense scenes, the speed of thought, disorienting our perception.

Source: Sâo Paulo Dance Company 

Lock, Édouard

La La La Human Steps Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer Édouard Lock began his choreographic career at the age of 20, creating works from 1974 to 1979 for a variety of Canadian dance companies and institutions, including Groupe Nouvelle Aire, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal. In 1980 he founded La La La Human Steps, a company that has garnered strong national and international recognition and that celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2006. Over the years Mr. Lock has been invited to create works for some of the world's leading dance companies, including the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris, the Nederlands Dans Theater and Het Nationale Ballet of Holland. His works have garnered many awards, including Canada's most important choreographic award. Mr. Lock co-conceived and was Artistic Director for David Bowie's world tour, "Sound and Vision", in 1990. He also collaborated with Frank Zappa on "the Yellow Shark concert" -an occasion that marked Mr. Zappa's final performances-alongside Germany's Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt's Alte Oper, the Berlin Philharmonic and Vienna's KonzertHaus. Since "Human Sex" in 1985, which catapulted La La La Human Steps to the forefront of the international dance scene, the troupe has performed shows - "New Demons" (1987), "Infante, c'est destroy" (1991), 2 (1995), "Exaucé/Salt" (1998), "Amelia" (2002) and "Amjad" (2007) -on international tours, two years for each creation, in the major capitals of Europe, Asia and America. Edouard Lock created "The Seasons" (2014) for the Sao Paulo Dance Company, revisiting Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The company has been dissolved in 2015.

Source : Maison de la Danse press file ;

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Plasson, Fabien

Born in 1977, Fabien Plasson is a video director specialized in the field of performing arts (dance , music, etc).

During his studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (joined in 1995) Fabien discovered video art. He was trained by various video artists (Joel Bartoloméo Pascal Nottoli , Eric Duyckaerts , etc) .
He first experimented with the creation of installations and cinematic objects.

From 2001 to 2011, he was in charge of Ginger & Fred video Bar’s programming at La Maison de la Danse in Lyon. He discovered the choreographic field and the importance of this medium in the dissemination, mediation and pedagogical approach to dance alongside Charles Picq, who was a brilliant video director and the director of the video department at that time.

Today, Fabien Plasson is the video director at La Maison de la Danse and in charge of the video section of, an online international  video library, and continues his creative activities, making videos of concerts, performances and also creating video sets for live performances.

Sources: Maison de la Danse ; Fabien Plasson website

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São Paulo Dance Company

Artistic direction: Inês Bogéa

Creation: 2008

Created in January 2008 by the Government of the State of São Paulo, São Paulo Companhia de Dança (SPCD) is direct by Inês Bogéa, Ph.D. in Arts, dancer, documentary filmmaker and writer. The Company has a varied repertoire, ranging from classical to contemporary. Recognized by specialized critics as one of the main dance companies of Latin America, since its creation, the Company has produced 49 choreographies: 27 creations and 22 restagings.

SPCD searches for a connection with the audience by curiosity and perception of the dance world in motion. The programs shows the variety of the repertoire of SPCD and the dynamics of Brazilian dancers. They have passion and on stage show the energy and joy of being there. The dancers are versatile and able to move between from the classical to the contemporary dance with a particular accent.

Source: The São Paulo Dance Company 's website

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The seasons

Choreography : Édouard Lock

Interpretation : Ana Paula Camargo, Ana Roberta Teixeira, Daniel Reca, Joca Antunes, Leony Boni, Lucas Axel, Lucas Valente, Morgana Cappellari, Pamela Valim, Renata Alencar, Vinícius Vieira, Yoshi Suzuki

Set design : Armand Vaillancourt

Original music : "The Seasons" de Gavin Bryars, publié par Schott Music Ltd, et interpreté par Percorso Ensemble, dirigé par Ricardo Bolonia

Costumes : Liz Vandal, Édouard Lock

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Maison de la Danse Réalisation Fabien Plasson 2016

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