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El Farruquo y su grupo

El Farruquo y su grupo

Farruco y su grupo (El)

Choreography Antonio Montoya Flores

The gypsy king: Antonio Montoya Flores, el Farruco, embodies the purest tradition of flamenco. He appears with his daughters and his nephew, an extraordinary dancer who first performed on stage when he was eight years old. A real family festival: spellbinding, intense and unforgettable.

Source : Maison de la Danse's programme


Direction artistiqueEl Farruco danseurs Antonio Montoya « Farruco », Rosario Montoya « Farruquita », Pilar Montoya « La Faraona », Pastora Montoya « La Reta », Juan Manuel Montoya « Farruquito » chantJuan Fernandez, Luis Fernandez guitare Pedro Sierra, Carlos Heredia

Production Maison de la Danse date du document vidéo1992réalisation Charles Picq

Updating : January 2011



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Montoya Flores, Antonio

Born in 1935 in Madrid, Antonio Montova Flores belonged to the great Montoya dynasty, as did his grandfather, the guitarist Ramon Montoya. Regarded as an unrivalled dancer, Antonio Montoya Flores was a fervent example of the "Bailaores”, guardians of the pure flamenco tradition. He toured throughout the world, notably with Lola Flores, Pilar Lopez and Mathilde Coral. He also taught in his own academy in Seville. He died in 1997.

Source : Maison de la Danse show program

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