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En Danseuse - Loïc Touzé

Alain Michard l Louma 2018 - Director : Michard, Alain

Present in collection(s): Alain Michard l Louma , En Danseuse

Video producer : Louma

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En Danseuse - Loïc Touzé

Alain Michard l Louma 2018 - Director : Michard, Alain

Present in collection(s): Alain Michard l Louma , En Danseuse

Video producer : Louma

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En Danseuse - Loïc Touzé

 En danseuse is a piece of work choreographed, based on a creative  process that focuses on the body of the choreographer-dancer. A series  of collaborations of Alain Michard with several choreographers from  different generations, and varied backgrounds led to the birth of this  piece, a ‘collection of dances’ with scenography using sound and video. 

En danseuse is made of a scenographic installation which combines images  of dance and sounds. Is it thought of as a confrontation between two  choreographical forms, but also between two memories. It offers to  audiences several ways of looking at the work, and appeals to their own  memories of dance. 

En danseuse is based on the idea that the body of the choreographer is  the very source of their work, and carries within himself/herself a true  History of dance. Vast and unique, this dance History is made of dances  which have been lived, but also dances that have been seen or dreamt,  and of everything that has fit in with ‘choreographic material’.   En danseuse questions the role of images, and how they are active both in memory and in the choreographic gesture.

Loïc Touzé  is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. He has created among others the pieces Morceau, Love, La Chance, Fanfare, Forme Simple, as well as the project Autour de la table with Anne Kerzehro and the movie Dedans ce monde.  He is involved in other artists' projects from music, theatre, circus  and visual arts, and he is engaged in research with Mathieu Bouvier  around the notion of the figure in dance, which has resulted in the  website
Loïc Touzé teaches regularly in workshops or trainings for professionals  and amateurs in France and around the world. From 2001 to 2006, he  co-directed Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers with Yvane Chapuis and  François Piron, and since 2011 he has directed Honolulu, a space for  residency, creation, and teaching in Nantes. 

Alice Gautier

Alice Gautier is a visual artist whose research focuses mainly on video, in its encounter

with the cinema, performance and dance fields. Through the writing of movement and the

composition of bodies, the work of rhythm and presence, she experiments with different

ways of telling a story, through a film, a performance, a piece. Since 2012, she has

collaborated with artists such as Alain Michard, Loïc Touzé and Daphné Achermann on

stage and film projects. She intervenes in workshops that cross dance practices and

image practices.

Michard, Alain

Alain Michard is a choreographer and visual artist. Starting with dance  as his ‘roots’, his work today involves leading a wide range of  different artistic projects, using a variety of artistic media (music,  film, photography, writing).
Alain Michard collaborates regularly with other artists. He also invites  local people and non-professionals to participate in the work he  creates.

A common thread in his work is the theme of wandering and journeys, and  the search for a community: BING, based on texts by Beckett, Parkinson  (2007-2013). Some pieces are designed for public spaces, and explore  perception, and the imaginary essence of towns and landscapes:  Promenades blanches (2006-2016), Se fondre (2012), Caravane, ...
Another important focus of his work is research on the notion of a  collective history of art, based on living memory and documents: École  ouverte, J’ai tout donné, Mon Histoire avec la danse, La carpe et le  lapin,...

His films include documentaries and fiction, some of which are based on  his relationship with dance (Ascension, Carton, Encore chaud ...).  Recently, he has made two fictional films: ON AIR in 2010, and  Clandestine (a feature length film) in 2014.

Alain Michard supports and produces other artists (Theo Kooijman,  Laurent Pichaud, Mickaël Phelippeau, Alice Gautier ...), in his role as  artistic director of different festivals, residencies and events, such  as À domicile in Guissény (2007-2009).
His role as producer allows him to support young artists at the  beginning of their careers. The passing on of knowledge is important for  him, and his pedagogical work is an integral part of, and articulates  with, his creative work, which is open to artists, students and  non-professionals.

His work has led him to a diversity of places and countries :
IN FRANCE : Paris (Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Centre National de  la Danse, Labos d’Aubervilliers, Centre Pompidou, Grande Halle La  Villette, ...), Rennes (PHAKT, Biennale, Triangle, Musée de la danse),  Brest, Nantes (Théâtre Universitaire), Marseille (Théâtre du Merlan,  Marseille Objectif Danse), Bordeaux (TNT, Novart), Avignon (Hivernales),  Marne-la-Vallée (Ferme du Buisson), ...
ABROAD: Italy (Musée Pan-Naples, Osservatorio Nomade-Cursi), Japan  (Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama, Matsuyama), Canada (Escales  improbables-Montréal), Turkey (Istanbul, Eskisehir, Ankara), Portugal  (Fondation Serralves-Porto,), UK (Portsmouth), Germany (Berlin), Belgium  (Brussels, Antwerp), Switzerland (Geneva), Ireland (DTI-Dublin)…

As a performer he has worked principally for Odile Duboc, Marco  Berrettini, Boris Charmatz, Xavier Marchand (theatre) and Judith Cahen  (cinema).
He has collaborated on various different projects with other artists,  including: Nicolas Floc’h, Mathias Poisson, Jocelyn Cottencin, Stalker,  and choreographers Mustafa Kaplan, Loïc Touzé...
He has received awards from the Villa Kujoyama-Kyoto (2001) and the Villa Médicis Hors les murs-Istanbul (2009).

Source : Alain Michard

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LOUMA, based in Rennes, is directed by Alain Michard choreographer and visual artist.
The Company creates for the stage, festivals and places of contemporary art.

En Danseuse

Artistic direction / Conception : Alain Michard

Artistic direction assistance / Conception : Alice Gautier

Lights : Ludovic Rivière

Sound : Manuel Coursin

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Co-production Louman, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Atelier de Paris/CDCN, Le Quartz-scène nationale de Brest (Fonds de dotation), CN D-Un centre d’art pour la danse, Kunstencentrum BUDA-Courtrai (BE), la Région Bretagne avec le CNC, Charleroi danse, centre chorégraphique de Wallonie – Bruxelles (BE), Sesc Consolação – São Paulo (BR), Institut Français du Brésil / Consulat Général de France à São Paulo (BR), CCNN Nantes, Institut Français / Convention Région Bretagne. Avec le soutien du Musée de la danse - CCNRB, de Réservoir danse - Rennes et du TU - Nantes. LOUMA est subventionnée par le Ministère de la Culture-DRAC Bretagne, la Région Bretagne et la Ville de Rennes.

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