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"Couldn't dance be, via  its combined approach with digital technology, one possible way to attempt reembodying a disembodied body, disembodied by these technologies which have become today so intrusive and ubiquitous" ? 

Performances (full evening long pieces and short pieces), informal and participative performances, and installations mixing contemporary dance and digital interactive arts. A dialectic confrontation between the physical body (lived, experienced) and the visual body (seen, virtual).

Stage performances

Immersive performances where technology is dedicated to the amplification of our senses and to our augmented perception. 


A human being – Her multiple selves – A digital creature

Myselves, an interactive choreographic performance stages a dialog between a dancer and her multiple selves, embodied in an autonomous and unpredictable visual and aural creature, which emanates from her psyche as interpreted by optical and body sensors.

Co conceived with digital artist Antoine Schmitt and dancer Marianne Masson.

A key venue, a date: International Festival of Video Art,  FIAV, Casablanca, Morocco, April 2019


Inspired by the myth of the Minotaur

A performance combining contemporary dance and interactive digital media based on a contemporary rewriting of The House of Asterion by Jorge Luis Borges (inspired by the myth of the Minotaur). The performance can be seen from inside or outside.

In close collaboration with 1minute69, Interactive audiovisual illusion : Aurélie Dumaret & Emilie Villemagne, digital artists. 

Created with and danced by Marianne Masson & Mario Garcia Sáez.

A key venue, a date: Hiroshima Theater, Fenomens Festival, Barcelona, October 2015

Participative performances

Participative performances whereby technology itself is directly questionned.
Its use offers then a reflexion on the mass media esthetics and how much audiences are aware of their responsibilities when confronted with a collective artwork. 

Indoor public spaces


Radical Choreographic Object

Participatory and site-specific choreographic performance with interaction via smartphones, at will…

Co conceived with Sarah Fdili Alaoui (scientist and artist)

Technological collaboration: Arnaud Courcelle (main designer of the interactive set via mobile phones) 

Created with and danced by Ambre Cazier, David Mazon Fierro, Izaskun Insausti Lorente and Mario Garcia Sáez.

A key venue, a date: inauguration of the Theater for Research of the ENS Paris-Saclay, EXPLORE! event, January 31, 2020

Outdoor public spaces

RCO outdoors

Outdoor version presented in the context of the Tomorrow Stories (Storygraphes) Festival, Bellegarde Cultural Center, Toulouse, France .

See other versions on in the context of the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon – Apollo Day, City of space, Toulouse, France

Participative stage performance

Narcissus Reflected

Spectacle de danse participatif via smartphones

Participative performance via smartphones.
Playful confrontation between the Judo-Christian values anchored in our culture and the new values of our individualistic society that legitimizes narcissism and the cultivation of the self.

Audiences carry in their hands a technical responsibility: via their smartphones, and a specially designed program, they get involved in the action taking place on stage.
Choreography: Anne Holst & Jean-Marc Matos

Digital scenography, design of the participative set: Arnaud Courcelle

Dancers-performers, creative partners: Fabien Gautier & Marianne Masson

Music: Emmanuel Mondolfo

A key venue, a date : French Institute, Barcelona (Fenomens Festival), November 2017 

Interactive installations with live performance

Hybrid projects, both interactive installations, choreographic pieces and multi sensory environments

Dance and Artificial Intelligence


Interactive installation with performance - Dance and artificial intelligence

K. Danse - Jean-Marc Matos 2018 - Director : Rihouay, Yoan

Choreographer(s) : Matos, Jean-Marc (France)

Installation with live performance mixing « dance and artificial intelligence » co conception and creation by Jean-Marc Matos (choreographer)  Clément Barbisan (programmer), Thomas Guillemet (artist designer), with Pauline Lavergne (dancer-performer).
“The body as the limit of coding”. An interactive life-size installation where a numerical system tracks and analyses the minutest gestures of the body. By bypassing the computer code through the invention of unconventional movement qualities, visitors can bring the system to “crash”. The machine then calculates and collects the participants’ movements in the form of a score of gestural “errors” visible in the installation as a mirror interpretation.
Dedicated portfolio:
A key venue, a date: Entretiens de Royaumont, The Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and the French Institute, September 2018

An immersive theatrical process, both physical and digital. An utopian space for exchange.


Public Transport

K. Danse - Jean-Marc Matos 2017 - Director : Jeanmart, Claude

Choreographer(s) : Matos, Jean-Marc (France)

Both an Interactive, immersive installation and a choreographic performance, with audience participation. A unique environment as a shared experience between choreography, sensitive bodies and a community of audience members.

Choreography/staging / concept: Anne Holst & Jean-Marc Matos

Interactive design, video, generative images: Aurélie Dumaret & Emilie Villemagne (1minute69) 

Dancers, performers: Marianne Masson & Mario G. Sáez

Interactive environment programming: Arnaud Courcelle

Original musical composition: Emmanuel Mondolfo

Technical installation and lights: Yarol Stuber

A key venue, a date: Quai des Savoirs, Toulouse, for Metabody_Toulouse, in the context of the European Night of Researchers, September 2016


Projects which question the relationships between bodies and technology, relational human worlds, the growth of the individual, freedom inside constraining environments, man-woman relationships.

Tactile Sensations, Gameplay, Echo Room, Para_site, Lovely User

Tactile Sensations

Augmented tactility

K. Danse - Jean-Marc Matos 2011 - Director : Matos, Jean-Marc

Choreographer(s) : Matos, Jean-Marc (France) Holst, Anne (Denmark)

An interactive dance performance for two dancers, with augmented tactility.
Project in collaboration with duo  Scenocosme (Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt)
Created with and danced by: Aude Miyagi, Julien Lecuziat
Tactile Sensations is a dance performance that investigates the meaning and intimacy of touch and its social construction: the connection to memory and human attachment, emotion, desire, rejection.
How and why do people touch each other? How is touch initiated between people? What is the meaning of touch?
The overall theme is enhanced by the interactive experience of producing and altering the sound and lights via the digital treatment of data coming from the contact between two bodies.
A key venue, a date: Les Bains Numériques #7 Festival – Enghien Les Bains, June 2012


Un rituel d'initiation

K. Danse - Jean-Marc Matos 2005 - Director : Matos, Jean-Marc

Choreographer(s) : Matos, Jean-Marc (France) Holst, Anne (Denmark)

In collaboration with artist-programmer Antoine Schmitt

and dancer Benjamin AliotPagès.

Gameplay transposes the language and technology of video games to a choreographic environment where the dancer is confronted with challenges paralleling the notion of the physical test present in many rites of passage. A performance in which a dancer is confronted with a visual and sonic semi-autonomous environment sensitive to her/his presence.

A key venue, a date: DID Festival, Milano, Italy, February 2009

Echo Room

Un couple et la perception augmentée de leurs états corporels

K. Danse - Jean-Marc Matos 2010 - Director : Matos, Jean-Marc

Choreographer(s) : Matos, Jean-Marc (France) Holst, Anne (Denmark)

Interactive dance performance (with physiological sensors).

Echo Room questions the domination of the other and the structure of relationships between men and women. The choreography draws on the dialectics of the body which is inherited and socially constructed on the one hand, and lived and free to make choices on the other. 

The uncontrollable is juxtaposed with the controlled and imposes itself like an echo of the past.

A key venue, a date: National Center for Live Performance Writings, La Chartreuse de Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon, 2009


Une danseuse seule dans un environnement sous surveillance

K. Danse - Jean-Marc Matos 2007 - Director : Matos, Jean-Marc

Choreographer(s) : Matos, Jean-Marc (France) Holst, Anne (Denmark)

As technologies develop, the individual senses a growing agency, an increasing power over the world. But as the human interlocutor is replaced by technology, the exerting power becomes displaced and intangible. As the power of the individual in virtual space increases, the power of the body in physical space is reduced by a strategic partitioning of time, space and movement.

The western metaphor of light as objectivity and truth posits light/sight as right and good; darkness as bad. The images that surround us often promulgate this idea. Para_site investigates these notions – power, discipline, and the docile body.

In collaboration with programmer Ivan Chabanaud, composer Roland Cahen and dancer Yuko Yamada.

A key venue, a date: IDN Festival, Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain, March 2007

Lovely User

Deux danseurs-comédiens entre réalité et fiction

K. Danse - Jean-Marc Matos 2005 - Director : Matos, Jean-Marc

Choreographer(s) : Matos, Jean-Marc (France) Holst, Anne (Denmark)

Dance-theater-video-interactive performance, with actors-dancers Melina Faka and Claudio Stellato.

Co-conceived with visual artist David Coste
On the question of power and the blurring of boundaries between fiction and reality.

Two dancers, reactive technology, visual arts collaboration.

A key venue, a date: Monik Festival, Odyssud, Blagnac, France, April 2005

K. Danse produces other projects combining contemporary dance and digital arts :
- « On line » telematic pieces connecting via internet distant cities and countries
- Installations using Virtual Reality 

See projects Danse e-Toile (shared choreography broadcasted simultaneously in France and India) and RCO Remixed, interactive experience in VR (2019-2020)

P1050525.JPG P1050527.JPG P1050548.JPG

Danse e-Toile

Nataraja and the Cosmos: telematic choreography between France and India

A key venue, a date: La Novela Festival, City of Space (Toulouse), France and the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) (CREST), Hoskote, India, October 2009

RCOremixed_1.jpg RCO Remixed2.jpg RCO Remixed1.jpg

RCO Remixed

Interactive experience in VR (2020-2021)

A key venue, a date: International Festival of Art and Virtual Reality @Recto_VRso of the @lavalvirtual, Laval, April 2020

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