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LEX flaunts the codes of contemporary dance, even going as far as auctioning off the four performers at the end of the show! The piece aims to explore the backstage of the show, to dissect laws and mechanisms with irony and amusement. We watch, for example, a long series of filmed auditions of dancers, one of whom says that their “father is the director of the Théâtre de la Ville”, another who says they are “up for anything”, etc.

Then, through a series of imposed exercises, the four dancers take turns to play at being the most moving, the most beautiful, the most physical, etc.

The development process of the show here is designed as a critical act of artistic production, where the laws of the show are called into question.

The piece exhibits its own mechanisms, its own underbelly, everything that usually remains hidden from the eyes of the spectator. LEX is therefore both an exhibition of the production 'secrets' of a piece and a 'real piece'.

This initiative turns out to be a joyful one, which derides the easy, hackneyed rhetoric of contemporary dance.

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Updating: July 2014

Fontaine, Geisha

Choreographer, performer and researcher of dance, Geisha Fontaine began her career as a ballet dancer, then trained under Merce Cunningham and Alwin Nikolais in New York and Hideyuki Yano in Paris. She then set up the centre de danse contemporaine (Centre for Contemporary Dance) Le Dansoir in Toulouse and worked as a dancer for several contemporary dance companies. In 1998, she founded the Mille Plateaux Associés dance company with Pierre Cottreau. She was the winner of the Villa Médicis – Hors les murs residence in Japan in 2010.

Awarded her art PhD from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Geisha Fontaine was published by the Centre national de la danse (National Dance Centre) in 2004 (a book which has been translated into Spanish and Japanese), while “Tu es le danseur”, 2008 and “Là”, 2009, were published by Micadanses. She has collaborated on several joint publications, notably those published by CNRS. She is invited regularly as an artist and a researcher to various universities in France and abroad (Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Santiago…).

Further information

Mille plateaux associés website

Updated : june 2013

Cottreau, Pierre

Graduate of La Fémis (the French state film school), Pierre Cottreau began his artistic career as a producer and cinematographer and collaborated on several full-length films in this capacity. He explores the possible connections between the filmed image and dance. Having also studied art history, he experiments with image and film and where they overlap in different media: cinema, dance and photography. Since the creation of Mille Plateaux Associés, he has choreographed the company's pieces with Geisha Fontaine and produced several films and documentaries, in particular the evolutive film “Millibar”.

Further information : Mille plateaux associés website

Geisha, Fontaine


LEX plays with dance codes, selling dancers at the end of the show ! The purpose is to visit behind the scenes and to discover what makes a dance piece.

Mille plateaux associés


Choreography : Geisha Fontaine, Pierre Cottreau

Interpretation : Giuseppe Chico, Stéphane Couturas, Gaël Sesboué, Laurent Chanel ou Alexandre Théry

Lights : Arnaud Koseleff

Costumes : Claire Georges

Production / Coproduction of the choreographic work : Mille Plateaux Associés

Duration : 70 minutes

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