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Mother Goose

Mother Goose

Ma mère l'Oye

This, originally, was a commission from Rouen Opera. The figure obligatory, the field of action designated ; to translate into images the world of Charles Perrault's folk-tales of "Mother Goose" (Ma Mère l'Oye). For Thierry De Mey, the experience led to the unsuspected discovery of Maurice Ravel's world. A superb artisan of tone-colour, a so-called impressionist yet unfailingly rigourous goldsmith. To work in his wake, to wear down the paths taken by him, became a sensorial and perhaps also a spiritual experience. It was taking the measure of the absolute luxuriance of the composer's world. To start off with, a film score for orchestra, broad and porous, unfolding at times like a diptych, now like a video triptych. A fairy-tale cinematographic work in a dream world, "Ma Mère l'Oye" involves some sixty dancers and choreographers in the phantasmagorical world of the forests of Brussels and Salzburg. All portray in sensitive and unexpected manner a mythological creature or fairy-tale character, a personal reincarnation by which the ineffable individual more readily presents itself to the camera.

Source : Charleroi /danses

De Mey, Thierry

Thierry De Mey, born in 1956, is a composer and filmmaker. An instinctive feel for movement guides his entire work, allowing him to tackle and integrate a variety of disciplines. The premise behind his musical and filmic writing is the desire for rhythm to be experienced in the body or bodies, revealing the musical meaning for the author, performer and audience. He has developed a system of musical writing for movement used in pieces where the visual and choreographic aspects are just as important as the gesture producing the sound, such as in "Musique de tables" (1987), "Silence must be!" (2002) and "Light Music", which premiered at Lyon's Musiques en Scène biennial festival in 2004.

A large part of his music production is intended for dance and cinema. He has often been more than a composer for the choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus and his sister Michèle Anne De Mey, offering his precious collaboration in the invention of "formal strategies" – to use a favourite expression of his. Among his main work let us mention "Rosas danst Rosas", "Amor constante", "April me", "Kinok" (choreographies by A. T. De Keersmaeker), "What the body does not remember", "Les porteuses de mauvaises nouvelles", "Le poids de la main" (choreographies by W. Vandekeybus), "Dantons Töd" (dir. Bob Wilson), "Musique de table", "Frisking" pour percussions, un quatuor à cordes, "Counter Phrases", etc.

He participated in the foundation of Maximalist! and the Ictus ensemble which created several of his pieces (dir. G E Octors). His music has been performed by major ensembles such as the Arditti Quartet, the Hilliard Ensemble, London Sinfonietta, Ensemble Modern, Muzikfabrik and the Orchestre Symphonique de Lille. Thierry De Mey's installations, in which music, dance, video and interactive processes work together, have been presented in events such as the Venice and Lyon biennials as well as in many museums. His work has received national and international awards (Bessie Awards, Eve du Spectacle, Forum des compositeurs de l'Unesco, FIPA, etc). The film/installation "Deep in the wood" (2002-2004) involved more than 70 dancers/choreographers. For the film "Counter Phrases" (2003-2004), nine composers answered his dance/film invitation : S. Reich, F. Romitelli, M. Lindberg, T. Hosokawa, G. Aperghis, J. Harvey, L. Francesconi, R. De Raaf and S. Van Eycken. In 2003, the working process with ATDK for "April me" was the subject of a documentary entitled "Corps accord", produced by ARTE which has also broadcast and co-produced most of his films.

Since July 2005, Thierry De Mey is artistic director of Charleroi/Danses along with Pierre Droulers, Michele Anne De Mey and Vincent Thirion.

In 2006, he realised an installation adapted from Perrault's tale, "Barbe Bleue" (Bluebeard), plus a film, "One Flat Thing, reproduced" based on the choreography by William Forsythe and broadcast by Arte in October. In 2007 he made From Inside for the Charleroi/Danses Biennale, an interactive installation in the form of a triptych. For the 2009 Charleroi/Danses Biennale, he created "Equi Voci", a polyptych of dance films accompanied by orchestral music and which includes "Prélude à la mer", a film based on one of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's most beautiful choreographies which he shot by the Aral Sea in October 2009. His latest film – "La Valse", choreographed by Thomas Hauert and the ZOO dance company – completes and close this project.

Source : Charleroi/danses

More information :

Ma mère l'Oye

Artistic direction / Conception : Thierry De Mey

Interpretation : Avec par ordre d'apparition Iris Bouche Narcisse Tijen Lawton Cendrillon en fuite Cristian Duarte le chat botté Shani Granot le petit chaperon rouge Pascale Gigon la princesse des arbres Marion Levy une jeteuse de sorts Manuela Rastaldi la belle au bois dormant Samir Akika un prince désespéré Annabelle Chambon & Cédric Charron la belle et la bête Erna Omarsdottir la petite fille aux allumettes Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Damien Jalet l'homme aux quatre bras Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Jonathan Burrows deux éperdus dans la forêt Lieve Meeussen L'annunciata Kate Mc Intosh Artémis Rebecca Murgi la sorcière Ugo Dehaes le sourcier Thomas Hauert un prince indécis Mia Lauwrence la fille aux cailloux Sarah Chase Ophélie Michèle Anne De Mey la méchante reine Mauro Paccagnella Pinocchio Etienne Guilloteau le petit-poucet Charlotte Vanden Heiden Proserpine enlevée Katharina Rettenwander une naïade Igor Paszkiewicz un soldat endormi Sandra Sales, Katarina Chmielewska Roberto Olivan, Martin Kilvady, Nikoleta Rafaelisova, Gemma Higginbotham, Sofiane Ouissi, Samuel Lefeuvre, Jules Hayez, Brice Leroux Nymphes et faunes

Additionnal music : Musique de Maurice Ravel Interprété par The New York Philharmonic, sous la direction de Pierre Boulez

Video conception : Montage Boris Van Der Avoort, Isabelle Boyer Images Aliocha Van Der Avoort, Thierry De Mey

Other collaborations : Montage son Frédéric De Molder, Boris Van Der Avoort Bruitage Philippe Van Leer Mixage Manu de Boissieu, Franco Piscopo / Alea Jacta Etalonnage Puzzle

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Eroïca productions - Coproductions ZDF ARTE (Dieter Schneider, Christian Schwalbe) / Opéra de Rouen - Léonard de Vinci (Laurent Langlois) / Beeldenstorm vzw (Kortrijck) / SK Stiftung Kultur Köln / La Ferme du Buisson / ARTE (F) / Les Halles de Schaerbeek / Szene Salzburg - Soutien Cie Michèle Anne De Mey

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