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Pour toi

A woman slowly crosses a garden to reach a house where she finds a percussionist waiting for her. A danced ritual imbued with melancholy then begins. While the editing is nervous, keeping pace with the beat of the percussions, the framework distances itself with the physicality of the movement. A solo inspired by African gestural technique and rhythms.

Source : Patrick Bossatti

Wolliaston, Elsa

Elsa Wolliaston moved to Paris in 1969 and worked with Jerome Andrews and Lilian Arlen. She continued her training during a stay in Africa, and researched ancestral rites. From 1970 onwards, she performed in various African countries and Niger in particular, where she danced “La Fleuve” in 1974. In Paris in 1975, she founded the company Ma Danse Rituel Théâtre with Yano Hideyuki. They choreographed and performed numerous pieces together. She has also composed music and dance duets with the saxophonist Steve Lacy. She choreographs regularly for the theatre and opera, trains actors in movement at the Theaterhaus Interkurst and Theatertreffin in Berlin, and teaches African-inspired contemporary dance throughout the world.

Further information

Digital resource - Médiathèque du Centre national de la danse

Updating: November 2010

Pour toi

Artistic direction / Conception : Gilles Moisset

Choreography : Elsa Wolliaston

Production / Coproduction of the video work : SF3, Arcanal, Canal +, CGP, Femis, Grec, Ina, MC Saint-Etienne ; Participation : ministère de la culture et de la communication (DMD), Procirep

Duration : 5'

Danse sur image

This collection presents the five prize winning videos of the competition "Danse sur Image", open to all directors and choreographers, for the writing of dance films of less than 5 minutes.

The teams of the 5 winning works received technical and financial support to help them carry out their project. These works were then disseminated internationally.

Launched by Arcanal for the 1989 Montpellier Danse Festival, this competition aimed at strengthening the partnership between directors and choreographers, in order to encourage the production of danced films.

The collection understands the following videos : L'adieu, La Boqueria, Nuit d'été, Pour toi, Volte-face.

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