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Ways to Strength and Beauty

Ways to Strength and Beauty

Ways to Strength and Beauty

"Ways to strength and beauty" (German: Wege zu Kraft und Schönheit) is a 1925 Ufa-Kulturfilmabteilung of Weimar Germany directed by Nicholas Kaufmann and Wilhelm Prager.

The action was an idealized, beautiful symphony to health and beauty in conformity with nature. The film offered a contrast to the rather hopeless living in the city of Berlin and other large cities of Germany during the twenties and became an immediate success quite from the beginning. Finally it became the most popular and most important German kulturfilm of this period. The film is best known as the first film to feature Leni Riefenstahl as one of the nude dancers in a tasteful ballet

Source : Amazon

Les chemins de la force et de la beauté

Artistic direction / Conception : Nicholas Kaufmann, Wilhelm Prager

Interpretation : Ecole Mary-Wigman-Schule, with Leni Riefenstahl

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