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CN D - Centre national de la danse Danse en amateur et répertoire 2015 - Director : Zeriahen, Karim

Choreographer(s) : Waehner, Karin (Germany)

Video producer : Centre national de la danse

Integral video available at CND de Pantin


CN D - Centre national de la danse Danse en amateur et répertoire 2015 - Director : Zeriahen, Karim

Choreographer(s) : Waehner, Karin (Germany)

Video producer : Centre national de la danse

Integral video available at CND de Pantin


Waehner, Karin

Waehner was born in 1926 in Gleiwitz in Germany (now Gliwice, Poland). In 1950 she moved to Buenos Aires, where she taught modern dance until 1953, when she met the mime Marcel Marceau. He inspired her to leave for Paris and to study mime with Etienne Decroux. In Paris she also opened a dance school and choreographed. She appeared with Jerome Andrews as Les Compagnons de la Danse, co-founded the experimental Theatre d'Essai de la Danse in 1955 and started her own touring Ballets Contemporains Karin Waehner in 1959.

She choreographed some 40 pieces and wrote a treatise, Outillage choregraphique, analysing the components of creating movement. But it was as a teacher that she had her most lasting impact. Angelin Preljocaj, France's most prominent contemporary-dance choreographer, whose own company has played several successful seasons in London, trained with her at the Schola Cantorum in Paris where she initiated contemporary-dance teaching. "I had already studied ballet and she opened my eyes to contemporary dance - to its passion for creation, improvisation and new forms," he says. "Coming from the Wigman expressionist tradition, her movement had a generosity, a way of going to extremes. Expressionism signifies something emerging from the inside and there was in her style a maximum of amplitude and sincerity." Karin Waehner also possessed those qualities as a person and selflessly battled for her pupils. 

Karin Waehner, dancer, choreographer and teacher: born Gleiwitz, Germany 12 March 1926; died 17 February 1999.

Source : The Independant 

Zeriahen, Karim

From live stage images to life in images, the  director and video artist Karim Zeriahen seems to have found the  shortest way. Since the beginning of the 90s, when he worked in close  relationship with choreographer Philippe Decouflé, he learned how to put  the art of stage in motion, contemporary dance most of the time. Karim  Zeriahen then starts a fruitful collaboration with Montpellier based  choreographer Mathilde Monnier. Stop, Videlilah, day of night, short  films adapted from her stage creations. Each time, Karim Zeriahen's   camera takes over the place with movement, the body language is not  frozen but magnified. Choreographer Herman Diephuis also joins this  gallery of dancing portraits. Documentaries on figures such like Albert  Maysles or Hubert de Givenchy and from Joe Dalessandro to Paul  Morrissey, he sets a signature, a camera always in action with  confidence.

Today the director goes further with a new  project and tracks the subtle movements of the body language beyond the  physical appearance. A collection of living portraits as unique pièces  reminding us of the master portraitists of renaissance. These living  natures consists in filming the subject in a certain amount of time,  almost still, with signs of respiration, eye blinks, as if it were  posing for a painting. They are then displayed on a flat screen with a  memory card. With this collection starting, Karim Zeriahen, with his  documentary and artist vision, interrogates himself about the virtual  world filled with images. By taking a pause, and his models with him, he  questions the way we look at things, the way we look at life.

Source: Philippe Noisette 

En savoir plus:

Sehnsucht [remontage 2015]

Choreography : Karin Waehner

Interpretation : Peggy Bertin, Marianne Clerget, Sophie Debas, Amélie Delattre, Hélène Devriendt, Adèle Fontaine, Cyliane Gosselin, Manon Marazano, Louise Marazano, Violaine Prudhomme, Élise Ridelroques, Leïla Télesfort

Text : Paroles des chansons Bertolt Brecht

Original music : Hanns Eisler

Other collaborations : Extrait chorégraphique remonté par le groupe de recherche du centre chorégraphique Mouvement et Danse (Abbeville-st-Lucien), dans le cadre de Danse en amateur et répertoire (2014) - Transmission Christine Caradec (notation Laban)

Duration : 13 minutes

Danse en amateur et répertoire

Amateur Dance and Repertory is a companion program to amateur practice beyond the dance class and the technical learning phase. Intended for groups of amateur dancers, it opens a space of sharing for those who wish to deepen a practice and a knowledge of the dance in relation to its history.

Laurent Barré
Head of Research and Choreographic Directories
Anne-Christine Waibel
Research Assistant and Choreographic Directories
+33 (0)1 41 83 43 96

Source: CN D

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