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Vue sur les marches - Koen Augustijnen

Vue sur les marches - Koen Augustijnen

Vue sur les marches

Augustijnen, Koen

Born in Mechelen (Belgium) in 1967, Koen Augustijnen has been working closely with les ballets C de la B since 1991, initially as a dancer in performances staged by Alain Platel, Hans Van den Broeck and Francisco Camacho, and since 1997, he has become one of the dance company’s house choreographers.

To "Crush Time" (1997), his first self-choreographed production, was followed by "Plage Tattoo" (1999) co-directed together with three musicians from Zita Swoon and with Tamayo Okano. His third major production came in "Ernesto" (2000),a dance solo and docudrama, co-directed with his brother Sven Augustijnen, which in turn was followed by "Just another landscape for some jukebox money" (2002). "Bâche" (2004) brought him an international breakthrough, followed by "Import/Export" (2006) and "Ashes" (2009).

He studied history at the Ghent University (1986-1988) and enrolled for theatre workshops at the Antwerp Conservatory (1989) as well as workshops hosted by Jan Decorte in Brussels (1990). In addition, he attended dance workshops by Wim Vandekeybus, Caro Lambert, Min Tanaka, Laurie Booth, Suzanne Linke, Francisco Camacho, Christine Quoiraud, Frank van de Ven and David Zambrano (1990-1999) amongst others. His principal training and work experience, however, has been firmly rooted in his staging of performances as a member of les ballets C de la B. Apart from les ballets C de la B he sometimes works as a choreographer, joining forces with dEUS or working with Ivo Van Hove (Toneelgroep Amsterdam), Arne Sierens (compagnie Cecilia) and Stalker Theatre Company to name but a few. In 2009 he also made a mass choreography for the video clip Dance for the climate from Nic Balthazar. In 2011, he created in collaboration with TG STAN 

Source : Ballets C de la B website

More information


Penttila, Jarmo

Les Ballets C de la B

Artistic Direction: Alain Platel

Creation: 1984

Les Ballets C de la B (Belgian Contemporary Ballet), formed by Alain Platel in 1984, is a company now regularly acclaimed in Begium and elsewhere. Over time it has adopted a working-platform structure which brings together several choreographers. Christine De Smedt and Koen Augustijnen figure alongside Alain Platel; Hans Van den Broeck and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui have also taken part. Since its inception, Les Ballets C de la B has been committed to involving talented young artists, active in different disciplines and from varied backgrounds, in the dynamic creative process. The company is currently host to two guest choreographers, Lisi Estaràs and Ted Stoffer. The unique mix of diverse artistic visions, which feed each other, makes it impossible to define the Ballets precisely. Nevertheless, a kind of “house style” is emerging. It is popular, anarchic, eclectic and engaged, under the motto “This dance is part of the world and the world belongs to everyone.”  

Source: Les ballets C de la B 's website

More information :

Vue sur les marches - Koen Augustijnen

Choreography : Koen Augustijnen

Interpretation : Florence Augendre, Claudio Girard, Fatou Traoré, Gil Ho Yang

Original music : Keith Jarret

Other collaborations : Cadrage Morgane Besnard, Thomas Rollo. Montage Thomas Rollo

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Théâtre national de Chaillot

Duration : 2mn 27

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