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Wu wei

Wu Wei (the "non-doing" for Taoists) is an encounter. The meeting between Yoann Bourgeois and China. In Dalian, the juggling artist has created for eleven artists (the same  ones who had already cooperated with Aurélien Bory in The Seven Planks  of Cunning) a particularly sober show highlighting some snippets of each  person's life in the form of 'a poem. Wu  Wei or the art of movement, one would say after seeing it, also  concretizes the meeting between two cultures, and especially their  antagonistic relationship to time. On stage, a small baroque orchestra interprets Vivaldi's Les Quatre Saisons. The whole is successful, pleasant and rich in meaning.

Source : Stéphanie Barioz, Telerama

Bourgeois, Yoann

Yoann  Bourgeois  trained  at  the  National  Centre  for  Circus  Arts  (CNAC)  and  at  the  National  Centre  for  Contemporary  Dance  (CNDC)  in  Angers.  For  four  years  he  was  a performer with Maguy Marin’s company. His  first  piece,  "Cavale",  was  a  duet  on  a  trampoline  with  Mathurin  Bolze.  In  2014  he  created  "Celui  qui  tombe"  for  the  Lyon  Dance Biennale, in which six artists attempt to  stay  upright  on  a  moving  stage.  Since  January   2016,   he   has   co-directed   the   National  Choreography  Centre  (CCN)  of  Grenoble with Rachid Ouramdane.

Source : 17e Biennale de la Danse  (2016) - press file

More information (site non installé)

Fonte, Marie

Marie is a dancer from Grenoble.

She began her career at CNR Grenoble, before joining the CNDC of Angers (2003-2005). It's there that she meets Yoann Bourgeois and his desire already, to write his own shows.

She first chooses to be an interpreter for many choreographers ; Manolie Soysouvanh and Mathias Poisson, Beatriz Acuna, Annabelle Bonnery, and Jean-Claude Gallotta with whom she collaborated for four years.

These experiences awaken in her the desire to defend dance as a musical  material, where the work of rhythm allows the emergence of meaning.

In 2010, it is through these questions that a strong need to take part in Yoann's work is born; she then commits herself to the company.

Source : DanseAujourd'hui

Riolon, Luc

After studies of mathematics preparatory class and medecine studies, Luc Riolon begins to make films within the framework of his Faculty of Medicine, then met the famous choreographers of the 80s (Maguy Marin, Mark Tompkins, Josef Nadj, Daniel Larrieu Daniel, Odile Duboc, Josette Baiz, Angelin Prljocaj, etc.) with whom he shoots numerous films (re-creation for the camera, the illegal securements). In the 80s with the American choreographer Mark Tompkins he introduces the video on the stage, broadcasting live on big screens the images which he shoots with his camera by being on the stage with the dancers, mixing live images and pre-recorded images. With Daniel Larrieu he participates in the creation of the famous show WATERPROOF, the contemporary choreography which takes place in a swimming pool, by filming live) the dancers dancing in the water and mixing the live images with pre-recorded underwater images. This choreography has been shown in many countries (USA, Canada, Spain, England…)
Then he collaborates during 10 years with the famous french TV producer Eve Ruggieri for her programs" Musics in the heart ". He shoots with her of numerous documentaries about classical music, opera singers and dance. From 1999 he directs documentaries of scientific popularization, by following researchers attached to the resolution of a particular ecologic enigma. These two artistic and scientific domains which can seem separated are nevertheless, for Luc Riolon, connected by the same approach : the deep desire to understand the world, by the art or by the scientific research, and to restore it to the largest number. Among his recent scientific documentaries, we can quote for example " The Enigma of the Black Caiman ", Living and dying in the swamp " or " The Nile delta: The end of the miracle ". “Chernobyl, a natural history ? “ These documentaries of scientific popularization recently have been awarded in international festivals.

Source: Vimeo

Wu Wei

Artistic direction / Conception : Yoann Bourgeois & Marie Fonte

Artistic direction assistance / Conception : Beatriz Acuña

Choreography : Marie Fonte

Interpretation : Artistes de l'école d'art de Dalian : An Liming, Jiang Huimin, Sun Ruichen, Yu Ying Chun, Zhao Yimeng, Che Hu, Chen Jianhui, Qu Aiguo, Tan Zuoliang, Zhang Benchuan, Liu Yuanzhi

Stage direction : Yoann Bourgeois

Set design : Claire Gringore

Text : Yoann Bourgeois

Live music : Les Quatre Saisons d'Antonio Vivaldi, Jean-Christophe Frisch (violon solo), Musiciens du Balkan Baroque Band Federica Bianchi (Clavecin), Andrej Jovanic (Théorbe), Mircea Ionescu, James Jennings, Vassilios Tsotsolis (Violons), Zsombor Lazar (Violoncelle), Arpad Szogyor (Contrebasse)

Additionnal music : Adieu ma concubine, extrait du Film de Chen Kaige

Lights : Karim Houari, Magalie Foubert (régie)

Costumes : Anne Jonathan

Technical direction : Emmanuel Journoud

Sound : Antoine Garry, Victor Severino (régie)

Other collaborations : Fabien Barbot (régie plateau et construction)

Production / Coproduction of the video work : Luc Riolon, production 24 images, collection Scènes d'écran

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