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Chantier autorisé au public 2013

Choreographer(s) : Ganga Bouetoumoussa, Boris (Ganga Bouetoumoussa, Boris)

Chantier autorisé au public 2013

Choreographer(s) : Ganga Bouetoumoussa, Boris (Ganga Bouetoumoussa, Boris)

Chantier autorisé au public

Filmed in Congo Brazzaville, this dance film allows us to discover the screendance work created by artists on the African continent, often painfully absent from the international circuit. The message, however, remains pessimistic in regards to the state of the artists' country and turns to the future for creative inspiration as witnessed by the dancers of the film. An intense film that deserves to be viewed.

Source : Festival international de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne

Ganga Bouetoumoussa, Boris

Boris Ganga Bouetoumoussa, choreographer, dancer-performer and Artistic Director of the Bô Zu dia Katiopa Company, born on 3 August 1973, in Linzolo in the Republic of Congo, began his artistic career at the age of 14 in the Ballet Génie militaire. In 2001, he founded the Zu dia Katiopa Group, which went on to become the Bô Zu dia Katiopa Company in 2006. He also co-founded the Ngoma za Kongo and Diba Danse companies (in the DRC) and the musical group Biya Loukoyi.

Since 1997, he has been called upon as a choreographer and has created several works: "Désordre" with the Rocado Zulu théâtre troupe in 1997-1998, "Makenga" (Souffrance - Suffering) with the Diba Danse Company from the Ecurie Maloba in the DRC in 1999, "Tiya" (Le feu - Fire) with the Ngoma za Kongo Company, "Point d’interrogation" with the National Ballet of Chad in 2004. In 2008, he initiated his "Il ou Elle" creation, which led to 15 performances at TARMAC at La Villette, Paris, in 2009 and to a dance video "Mpeve Ya Nzadi" (L’esprit du fleuve - River Spirit)”. Following on from a duo creation project with a French dancer, DES PEAUX session, at the CND (the National Centre for Dance), he signed his new creation "Port du casque obligatoire" at the beginning of 2010.

He has trained the dancers in his group since the end of 2001 and the dancers of his company and also runs regular training programmes for dancers in Brazzaville. Between 2003 and 2006, he was a trainer and co-director of the Choreographic Research Workshops in the French Cultural Centre in Brazzaville, under the pedagogical direction of Paco Décina. In 2009, he led a course at the Nyata-Nyata Studio in Montreal. He is currently working on implementing a regular pedagogical programme for dancers of the National Ballet.

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Chantier autorisé au public

Artistic direction / Conception : Boris Ganga Bouetoumoussa & Aliénor Vallet Congo

Choreography : Boris Ganga Bouetoumoussa

Other collaborations : Aliénor Vallet (montage)

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